Competitor Analysis

Systematic Competitor Analysis

To be successful in your SEO project, you must understand the competitors in your industry that hold the top search engine rankings. They wouldn’t have achieved their high-ranking status without specific a SEO strategy and precise tactics.

How do you determine what your competitor has done to outrank you?

We recommend studying your higher ranking competitor’s website code. Examine the title, Meta tags, ALT tags, keyword density and keyword relevancy of your high-ranking competitors. Your discovery will give you an idea of what they are doing to gain those top 10 positions.

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We also know that search engines look at links to determine a website’s ranking. Because of this, it’s important to use search engine tools to gauge your competitions link popularity. How many sites are linking to your competition? Which sites are they? What motivated those sites to link to your competitor’s pages?

Is your competitor’s site optimized?

Take a look at your competitor’s content. Pay attention to the keywords for which they are ranking well. Study how this particular keyword gets distributed throughout every page of their content and in their menus. Open the source code and look for keyword relevancy there. If you notice a particular strategic phrase like “Boston Moving Services Company”, repeated in the Meta tags, content, and menus, you can be sure that the competitor has taken initiative to optimize their site.