SEO Components

Search Engine Optimization Components

The most effective search engine optimization considers the entire online strategy as a whole, not just the company website. A solid search engine optimization plan should include five major components; a thorough business analysis, keyword research, logical site architecture and content development, link building, and analysis and reporting.

SEO begins with the critical task of choosing keywords. If you don’t do keyword research, your content will lack focus and search engines won’t know where to position your website in relation to the terms for which your customers are searching. If your website lacks content, you won’t get the critical links that are required to improve your search engine ranking.

If you don’t know which keywords to target, you can also forget about pay per click (PPC) advertising. For example, if a website owner were to run a PPC campaign but didn’t optimize the landing pages, the campaign could quickly turn into a fast way to lose lots of money. Above all, if that website owner doesn’t capture metrics to gauge the success of the website in relation to the PPC campaign, he or she is isn’t learning from what customers are revealing through their actions on the site.

Enhancing your website so that it ranks well in the search engines for targeted key phrases is the essence of search engine optimization. You will achieve high rankings only when all of the SEO components work together seamlessly.

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Key Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Components

Keyword Research: This stage involves specific keyword research with a goal of identifying the most effective keywords for your website to target. When you have the count of the most popular keywords, you can then begin building your content around those certain keywords or keyword phrases (targeted keywords).

Competitor Analysis: To be successful in your SEO project, you must understand your competition. They wouldn’t have gotten where they are today without implementing specific SEO strategy and tactics. We find out why your competitor’s websites are ranking well in your particular industry and apply the methodology to achieve similar results for your website.

Analysis Of Your WebSite: Now it’s time to get your site up to par in all of the critical areas including content, aesthetics, navigation and optimization for search engines. Many marketers don’t understand why their sites don’t rank well for the keywords and quite often, it’s because their content is relevant. All of the critical SEO elements must be working together simultaneously.

Link Building: Link building is one of the most important factors in getting top placements on the major search engines. A large number of quality links has a very positive effect on search engine ranking.

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