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Search Marketing Initiatives and Your Advantage in the Race for New Customers and Markets

Let’s face it, advertising in the newspaper, magazines, and on TV and radio comes with a significant price tag and its return on investment is dwindling. Using these methods, it’s difficult to reach out to your target area in even as small as a 40 mile radius without placing ads multiple city magazines, newspapers and radio stations.

A large segment of today’s consumers have grown up with the internet and they expect to be able to find and buy what they need online.

Today, small companies with limited advertising budgets prefer to invest in the search engine placement. By investing in search engine marketing, these smaller companies can spend less and realize more significant results than their competitors who are spending more on archaic advertising methods.

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What do these statements tell you? It’s time to think of your website as fundamental to your business. A website that ranks among the top 10 in search engine results can have an incredible impact on your business growth and profitability.

Web Advertising Puts Websites Where Interested Consumers Are Searching

Why do we Google? The basic reason is that we continuously seek information. We research topics that interest us. We want to be aware of the latest news and learn about exciting events taking place around us. People also indulge themselves with online entertainment and social networking where they are given a chance to play out a new role, become a different character, or simply meet a soul-mate.

We like to shop for products and services that will enhance our lives. Consumers log onto the internet to shop for products and services at all hours and from the most distant corners of the world. Web users are often early adopters of the latest trends and continuously exposed to product announcements through press releases and news on various internet sites.

Web users are not passive TV viewers or radio listeners. Advertising on traditional media must speak to general population and only aims to get viewers to remember the message, hoping that later they’ll take action to buy.

One of the greatest benefits of search marketing is that this kind of marketing targets people who are actively seeking your product or service. Thanks to web promotion, companies also save money because of a reduced need for a sales force.

A well-optimized website, backed by a solid search engine optimization strategy, can draw hundreds of potential new customers daily. As your search engine ranking rises, the number of visitors to your site increases. With more traffic comes the ability to employ other SEO components such as visitor analysis and conversion tracking so that your website produces the greatest return on investment possible.

Promotion on the web consists of a myriad of smaller elements that must work together in harmony to produce the desired results. Online marketing is about putting websites where interested consumers are searching through ethical search engine optimization processes and tactics.

Search Marketing Reaching New Customers, New Markets, New Partners, and More

As a marketing channel, the internet supersedes all conventional means of advertising because of its flexibility in adapting to different consumer groups and behaviors as well as its unrestrained market reach. More importantly, your marketing efforts on the web are measurable unlike marketing with newspapers, TV, radio, and outdoor advertising that do not produce solid metrics to track the success of their campaigns.

A few TV ads on your favorite program can cost more than an entire year’s SEO budget-and that’s just broadcasting costs! Production, writing, and talent costs involved with producing TV and radio ads can quickly add up. Online promotion is an ongoing process and its impact is steady. Take a look at some TV ad rates below:



Online, you have the opportunity to connect with consumers at the exact moment they are in the mindset to receive your message. Conventional media is trying to get their message across regardless of the fact that TV viewer’s mind might be preoccupied with other things at that moment. Even without statistics, it’s easy to see why this methodology is less effective than connecting with people at the exact moment they are searching for your goods and services.

Web users voluntarily choose what to click on, which pages to view, and which ads to read. Most people say that they perceive ads with some level of skepticism, which is another powerful benefit of placing your marketing dollars into search engine optimization. Through search engine optimization, your website gains visibility in the search engine’s trusted natural search results.

The internet has had an incredible impact on companies that specialize in B2B services, real estate, ecommerce-and just about every industry imaginable. New internet technologies have led to extremely cost-effective ways to communicate with customers, suppliers, resellers, agents, and brokers locally and around the world.

Realizing the immense potential of search marketing, companies today are investing in search engine marketing to strengthen or establish their online presence. Today’s businesses realize that their competitors are doing the same. Make sure that your customers find you online before they find your competitors. Contact Systematic SEO today to discuss a customized search engine optimization strategy designed to grow your online business.