Partnership with ClickTracks

Systematic SEO has partnered with ClickTracks

ClickTracks is award-winning analytics software designed to analyze website user behavior. ClickTracks graphically presents each page of your site together with behavior patterns including where people click, how long they stay, when they leave your site, and much more. On the 28th of August 2006, we chose ClickTracks as our long-term partner to provide SEO services for clients and now use ClickTracks Pro software on all internal site web log analysis.

Why ClickTracks? It Identifies Problems and Prompts Solutions

Before ClickTracks

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We did not know what was working and what wasn’t. The process involved too much guess-work, which is inconsistent with our Systematic approach to SEO. Were our customer’s e-mails effective? Were printed advertisements bringing in more or fewer qualified leads than keyword buys? Were our customer’s banner ads getting clickthroughs or being ignored? ClickTracks software provided the answers.

After ClickTracks

With ClickTracks, we can easily and instantly identify major hindrances that cause visitors to leave your website without buying.

Thanks to ClickTracks, we can now show you problem areas on your site in a more visual and more comprehendible way. We understand that you don’t have time to study all of the intricacies and peculiarities of website analytics and SEO. Now we can visually show you how visitors behave on your website and communicate problems and their solutions much more effectively.

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