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Small Atlanta Based B2B Firm Exceeding Campaign Goals

Note: At request of our customer, we have removed any company names and/or details from this case study. Our business partner however, has permitted the disclosure of their success metrics for the purposes of this Case Study.


Client is a small B2B firm providing services that assist businesses with marketing initiatives. The company is staffed by fewer than 10 employees and is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Case study details:

  • Client business is modest at best. Client was missing great opportunities by allowing competitors to prosper in the online space
  • Marketing services sector is a saturated and very competitive space
  • In this space, standing out from the crowd of competition and attracting website visitors has typically proven difficult
  • Top 10 search engine positions are taken by larger and well established firms with great sites and lots of content and links
  • The Client had no website
  • Working with a very limited marketing budget

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The Client’s initial goal of positioning their site nationwide was too broad. We felt that with their limited budget and fierce 3-month time constraint, that attempting to gain a foothold in the national market would prove ineffective. Instead, we decided on a geo targeted campaign for local Atlanta and Georgia markets which could lead to a great search engine ranking for the Client’s target keywords and an instant payoff.

The Client decided to invest 6 months of their marketing budget into search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and use their new website as the sole source for driving sales during this time period. The goal was to drive traffic from the top 5 search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN,, and AOL) and obtain top 10 positions for 50 keywords by launching an effective search engine optimization campaign.

RESULTS – 3 Months After Launch


  • The company spent 3 months creating a web site and loading it with content.
  • Systematic SEO launched a strategic SEO strategy that resulted in top 10 positions for 92% of the 50 keywords targeted.
  • The site’s search engine optimized content generated traffic from 922 unique keyword searches. That number is still rising and hasn’t hit a plateau yet.


After achieving such success, the Client’s next goal was to choose other regional markets and follow similar strategy.

Since Systematic SEO began working with the Client’s website in September, the site has steadily climbed with higher rankings and more traffic.

It’s worthy to note that most Atlanta SEO firms report case studies that cover 18 months of SEO campaigns. Our Case Study describes results achieved in 3 months. 6 months is the typically the period during which most SEO campaigns gather real momentum and then start producing actual results. We achieved results for our Client in 3 months.

Visibility statisticsSubstantial SEO results in three months

The Client's website quickly established itself from a search engine point of view

Site has established itself across the main search engines

The Client’s website quickly established itself from a search engine point of view and is now visited by top search engines on frequent basis.