Name: Mark V

Education: Began Computer Science Degree at Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Georgia State University

Interests: SEO, Small Business, Personal Improvement, Sales Skill Improvement, Marketing Skill Improvement, Books on Business, Formula One

Position: President

When I first arrived in the US from Lithuania, I had some pretty “interesting” jobs that didn’t quite compliment my computer science studies. After working at an ice cream shop for a while and then going on to clean pools, I bought my first suit and started interviewing for a ‘real’ job.

That’s when things began getting exciting. I got a job on the cutting edge of the dot com explosion and was accepted into Georgia State University Computer Science program. “Busy” is a term I would use to describe my life at that time. I was working at the dot com and studying full time. That’s also when I started the company, doing web consulting and developing custom software. When I look back, I wonder how this ever worked! I was running a company while studying and working-3 major things! I know, sounds crazy. Oh, and I got married during that time too 🙂

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Over the years, the company morphed from Custom Software to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I stumbled upon SEO in 1998 while trying to figure out how to pay $36K for an ad in Fortune magazine. There was no way I could afford that! So I paid for a website instead. No one believed in my idea, but who cares, I did! I optimized my site for search engines and people came…and they bought stuff… and I optimized some more… and more people came.

At some point I said – “Enough!” and decided to concentrate on one thing-SEO. I like building software and websites, but making websites popular is real excitement! Once I found SEO, I quit the day job and put 100% of my efforts into learning about SEO and growing the businesses. I couldn’t get enough and still feel just as passionate about SEO today. The entire process is fascinating and wonderfully challenging. So, here we go! I’m running my own SEO company; Systematic SEO.