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Name: Zilvinas

Education: Currently studying software engineering at Maths and Computer Science Department at Vilnius University, Lithuania.

Interests: IT in general, advanced technology, programming, friendship, knowledge sharing, the internet, and conspiracy.

Position: Web Developer

I was eighteen years old when I left Klaipėda and moved to Vilnius after finishing school. I had nothing-just little knowledge about web development and a lot of desire to succeed in the industry. I started working at a pretty famous web development company in Lithuania which was amazing, but after about a year I began to realize that my needs and goals were beyond what I could achieve in my current situation.

As a result, I switched companies and now my main job is to develop bugs (joking), web applications here at Systematic SEO. I am pursuing my dream of developing all kinds of complex applications. This is a company that I’m proud to call my second home and I’m working with people that feel like family. This is the right path for me.

I must thank everyone who helped me to become what I am. I couldn’t have done it without you. Hugs and kisses.

Sincerely yours.



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