Managing Director

Name: Mindaugas

Education: Vilnius University, Lithuania, BA in IT Management

Interests: Music, movies, basketball, picnics, paragliding, and canoeing

Position: Managing Director

I’ve played the role of building operations in Lithuania since the establishment of Systematic SEO in Vilnius, Lithuania. Nonetheless, I never depart too far from my calling of figuring out puzzles and dilemmas of website systems.

In the beginning, there was just Mark and me, building the company from scratch. To complicate things, Mark was living across the ocean in Atlanta. There was no office space and no crew. It went on like this a few months. As our customer base steadily grew, I alone could no longer manage all of the tasks and duties.

It was at this exciting point that we set out to assemble a top-notch staff and find an office space to call home. Today we have a great office located in downtown Vilnius. What was once a small partnership has now grown to become a competitive and ambitious cutting edge SEO company.

I find it challenging to work with our American counterparts but it’s a rewarding process. I enjoy mastering my SEO skills and meeting people from all over the world. What I’m doing now is exactly what I enjoy doing most.

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