Content Writer

Name: Kestas (nick Kev)

Education: International Christian University in Klaipeda, Lithuania, BA in English

Interests: Electronic music, music making (love everything about electronic music), traveling, basketball, writing, news, politics, BBC, the internet, and online marketing

Position: SEO Content Editor & Writer

I graduated with an English major in 2006 before moving to Vilnius (the capital city of Lithuania) shortly after graduation. I began my career as an English translator, but my true goal was to pursue something that would utilize my skills in creative writing and communications. I soon found my niche as an SEO content writer and editor here at Systematic SEO.

I did some traveling around during my years of study. I lived in America and in the UK for some time. I loved my stay abroad. I got to know lots of interesting people and made some great friends. It was absolutely amazing. Totally new cultural experiences and linguistic awareness of everyday communication prepared me for the job I do now.

I deeply enjoy SEO content creation-mostly because I get to really dive in to so many interesting new topics. I’m writing about things I know well and also about things I don’t have any clue about. Only a joke guys!!! Doing in-depth research and learning new perspectives is half of the enjoyment of my job.

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