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New to SEO? Try Our Starter Kit

SEO isn’t the cheapest expenditure on the budget list though search engine marketing is far less expensive than traditional marketing. As a small business, we understand that you may not have an unlimited budget to pay for SEO. To help you better understand the incredible difference that SEO can make and to help your business and save some cash, we have designed a special service package called the SEO Starter Kit.

The SEO Starter Kit is designated for newcomers to SEO and companies seeking cost-effective internet marketing solutions. The set of services contained in the Starter Kit Package are meant to showcase the power of search engine optimization and its power in attracting your target audience to your Website. Consider this service as an in-depth auditing of your website through the lenses of a search engine optimization expert.

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Since this is an introductory SEO service, you won’t need a five digit budget to pay for it. Furthermore, it will require a considerably shorter implementation time. Knowing all pros and cons of your website and defining specific search engine optimization components that you will need in the future will give you insight about what is required to accomplish your ultimate goals. The knowledge you’ll gain from the SEO Starter Kit package will provide you with enough information to launch an SEO campaign on your own. However, if you need our support we’ll be a phone call away.

Starter Kit Components

  • In-depth Site Analysis Report – detailed systematic analysis of your website structure, architecture, usability etc.
  • Keyword Density Analysis Report – analysis of your website content, keyword usage, optimization level etc.
  • Website and Search Engine Compatibility Report – determining how search engine friendly your web site is
  • META Tag Revision – checking meta tags for keywords
  • Backlink Status Report – checking inbound links
  • Current Search Engine Placement Report – determining your current positions on the major search engines on keywords you selected

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