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SEO Site Architecture Improvement Service is tailored to suit any Website representing any industry. We offer Site Architecture Improvement as a part of overall SEO service or you are welcome to order the service separately. The minimal duration of the service is 3 months. Website architecture is an approach to the design and planning of websites which includes technical, aesthetic, and functional components:

  • Useful and well-organized SEO content
  • Good technical SEO web design
  • Good visual design

After years of experience working with various SEO tactics, we have refined the 89 point SEO site architecture checklist that covers keyword research and analysis, META tag optimization, markup editing, content creation, etc. Along the way, you can also have us make some custom adjustments to your site.

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For example, if you wish to have maps on your site, we’ll integrate Google, Yahoo, and MSN maps. If you have e-shop, we can run statistics on your site and customize product listings by categories such as top purchases, best prices etc. We can add discussion modules to your site to beef up content and engage readers. In addition to refining your site architecture, we work on the improvement of usability and customer conversion which results in greater profits and longer lasting customers.

SEO Website Architecture Benefits

You’ll begin noticing an increased percentage of visitors who take your desired action after about three to six months. Our Website architecture service is convenient because it can introduce you to SEO and gives you the opportunity to experience the value of higher rankings.

SEO Site Architecture Improvement Service Components

Once you sign up for our Site Architecture Improvement Service, you get:

  • Keyword Analysis and Research
  • Site Architecture Evaluation and Improvement
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Custom Site Element Development
  • Site Usability/Conversion Enhancement

Is there something you would like to ask? Call us or drop us a line by email, we’ll be glad to help you. Wondering about the price? Get an obligation-free quote!