What Makes a Good Blog – The 4 C’s of Blogging

What Makes a Good Blog – The 4 C’s of Blogging

How many bloggers are there online today? Lots and lots. Do they all write compelling content? Not really.

There are certain principles and guidelines to follow when blogging that are based on experience and people’s expectations. There’s been a lot of talk about what makes for a good blog lately, so I felt it was important to reinstate or reinforce the underlying virtues of good bloggingthe four C’s of blogging to be remembered:

1. Community:

“Are you PARTICIPATING in social media networks or passively READING content?”

2. Content:

You have to have pleasure in writing. And that pleasure comes from writing on topics that you are passionate about. Before too long, blog readers sense the difference between “forced and stagnant” writing versus writing with great enthusiasm and energy. Are you interested in what you write? Will other people be interested?

3. Clarity:

Your blog must be crystal clear with its vision outlined. What makes you different and special as a writer? Readers should have an idea of what your blog project is about.

4. Consistency:

Is your “blog personality” CONSISTENT with who YOU are? Are you offering a consistent EXPERIENCE to your community?

These are purely and simply tools for planning and organization of your writing. Yes, I really use them … and really think about them. And I encourage you to refer to the four C’s when you are blogging.

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