Got Video? Online Video Now a Main Focus of Search Engine Optimization

Got Video? Online Video Now a Main Focus of Search Engine Optimization

Some of the most popular websites online offer videos and photos – does yours?  Now that Google has announced the Universal Search Model, you SEO job just got a lot broader.  With the Universal search model, Google will search through all types of media – not just text – to find related entries.  But how do you search engine optimize video?

Blinkx has created a whitepaper that discusses the ins and outs of video optimization.  The whitepaper covers:

  • Cleaning and conversion of metadata
  • Optimizing titles, description and filenames
  • Leveraging sitemaps
  • Utilizing Media RSS
  • Content Management
  • Where to submit
  • What to Avoid

Something to think about over the weekend…. What types of video do you have and how can you use them to leverage your SEO strategy?  If you don’t have video, what can you create? 

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