Easy SEO Friday

Easy SEO Friday

It’s Friday and most people are dreaming about the weekend or making plans to have a special time with the special mother in their life for Mother’s Day.  So today, we’re going to focus on a couple of super-quick website quality checks you can make to ensure that you’re site is in top-notch shape for the weekend:

Broken links checker
It’s inevitable.  Over time, some of the sites that you’ve linked to will have moved or shut down, so it’s important to periodically check for broken links. 

Quick Code Diagnostics
Poodle Predictor allows you to see your site as search engine’s view it.  Enter your URL to see how a description might look in the search engine results page.  The description you see won’t be how every search engine will display your site, but might reveal some changes you need to make to define the view in various search engines. 

The coolest part in my opinion about the Poodle Predictor is the Diagnostic View.  After entering a URL, click the Diagnostic View link to discover any places were you could optimize quickly (such as H1 tags and titles)

Blog Backup
I know someone that lost their entire blog and tons of valuable backlinks along with it.  What a mess.  The 13th of each month has been officially deemed blog backup day.  With the right tools backing up your blog is fast, easy, and will give you unbelievable peace of mind. 

Back up your WordPress Blog

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