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Urgent/Immediate Care Clinic advertising program analysis:

  • What are you spending each month on advertising?
  • Is your advertising dollar producing your desired results?
  • How many new customers do you get each month?
  • What did each of those new customers cost you?

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Systematic Methods. Predictable Results.

  • Our software program delivers a continuous stream of targeted new leads within a matter of days at much less than $1 each. How would you like 500-1000 new customers every month!
  • Our emergency clinic campaigns have measurable proven results that work extremely well. One client received 50,000 monthly impressions and 4% Click Through Rate within a 20 mile radius. Compare this to newspaper or billboard advertising and the results from Pay Per Click are insanely clear!
  • Established winning strategy, proprietary monitoring tools and internal data tracking!
  • Top industry training, certifications and over 40 years of combined solid Search Engine Optimization knowledge and industry experience!
  • Create your new campaign today by selecting your protected geographic area!

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